40% Relief In Tuition Fees Of Technical Education

Mian Aslam Iqbal, Minister for Industries Punjab chaired a meeting to discuss the allocation of the annual budget for the provincial Board of Technical Education that has been approved.

There was a 13 point agenda presented at the meeting on which participants agreed.

Ths students will be promoted to the next level without any formal exam. More so, there will be a 40% relief in tuition fees.

These students will be including those taking a Diploma for Associate Engineering (DAE), commerce, Matric (tech), and Matric (vocational).

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There is a new amendment in the education board act, ordinance 1962.  

The provincial minister said that there was a need for a fee reduction for students since technical education is the need of the hour and fee reduction will take away some financial burden amidst the pandemic.

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was working tirelessly to promote technical education in Punjab as revealed by Iqbal.


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