6 Reasons Why Businessmen Love Shopify

Shopify is one of the best mediums for entrepreneurs where they can design their store with hundreds of built-in features along with tons of apps. You cannot only sell your products on the website but also across different marketplaces and social media.

Three innovations that transformed the world: WHEEL, ELECTRICITY, and E-COMMERCE. Wheel introduced the world with transportation, electricity introduced us to a whole new world of devices that make our lives convenient and e-commerce introduced us with digital space where businessmen set up their stores and customers enjoy the benefit of shopping from their home.

40% of internet worldwide users have acknowledged that they used the internet for online shopping in 2020. This means that more that marketers have access to more than a billion digital buyers. What does this mean? Simple! Set up an online store now. A decade back, this NOW would have been followed by a  number of questions – how, where, when, what but, now it is pretty simple. How? With SHOPIFY!

Here are a few reasons to love Shopify:

Quickest & Easiest To Set Up And Use

Shopify was built for marketing. It is the best option for making your products available online for selling. It has all the basic and advance tools which an entrepreneur who does not know much about e-commerce can use. It is not subjected to development costs and servers. It has a user-friendly and clean interface which makes all the features readily available for the use.

Secure And Reliable Source

One of the things which you need to understand about the DIGITAL BUYERS is- they are impatient, used to getting served, and are unforgiving if they don’t get what they really want. Here is the good news, Shopify can help you in dealing with them. Shopify can make your website fast and your products always available online. More so, people enter their private information which includes their contact and debit/credit card details. It uses PCI Compliance which is an international security standard handled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Visually Appealing Website

E-commerce is all about creating an experience while providing a service. The way a site looks is important since visual experience triggers the mood for shopping. So, the question you should be asking yourself is:

What do you want your customers to feel when they come to your website?

Shopify has the ability to create a unique visually appealing website. There are 160 themes among which some are free and  The themes offer a number of options which can help your present your products in a more eye-catching way. A few of the ways are here:

  • A number of headlines, subheadlines, and multiple pretexts can be added.
  • Text-alignment and positioning are easier and simpler.
  • Call-to-Action buttons can be added easily.
  • Slideshows can be set up along with a number of layout options.

Easy Breezy Experience For The User

There are a number of features in Shopify which makes the experience of the user comfortable. The products can be easily organized with the collection organization system and multi-tag filtering. In case, the store is selling a wide variety of products, advanced megamenu navigation can be used.

Add-Ons Conform To Business Models

There are a number of add-ons that can make the life of the marketer easier since sale prices, discounts on different products, coupons and incentives, and free shipping can be showcased easily.

24/7 To Help You

One of the most important rules Shopify sticks to is valuing the clients. Shopify is available 24/7 for them. The response time on average is quite instant. Get in touch via email, phone, or webchat. Someone is there to help you. Shopify has a directory of elaborative documentation available at Shopify Help Center which can guide the client.

SEO Marketing Tools

One of the best features which makes it a big daddy of setting up an online store is the powerful SEO features that help you navigate the origin of your customers so that you can tailor the marketing strategy accordingly. You can even have access to social media integration, product reviews, and enable email marketing. More so, Shopify Kit, another important feature makes different recommendations on the basis of your products, store performance and audience.

Final Takeaway

Shopify is the most popular medium for launching an online store. There about 1,000,000 businesses powered by Shopify and has more than 2100000 active users which makes it evident that it is the best platform. It is up to you to decide whether you want to go through complicated server and designing problems or just want to set up your store smoothly with Shopify.


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