A Sequel Of Angry Birds 'The Angry Birds Movie 3' To Hit Cinemas Soon

A Sequel Of Angry Birds 'The Angry Birds Movie 3' To Hit Cinemas Soon

Animated movies are the trend in Hollywood now due to improvement in technology that executes the animation better. It enables films to convey deep messages while watching charming clips. 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' had based on the popular game 'Angry Birds' and therefore, no doubt that there will be a third sequel of the movie that will once again take a look at some of our beloved flightless birds.

On August 02, 2019, 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' is released which was the direct sequel to 'The Angry Birds Movie' released in 2016. We are assured that 'The Angry Birds Movie 3' will extend the story, and go along the themes of the hostility between the birds and the pigs and how they might move past all that if there are greater external threats on their areas. 

'The Angry Birds Movie 3' will most likely start from where 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' drops the story. Let's have a brief review of angry birds 2 before starting. 'The Angry Birds Movie 2' tells the story of the pigs and birds increasing their hostilities as pig island is reconstructed. However, all this is kept to hold when Zeta, from Eagle Island, intends to capture birds islands as well as pigs island by forcing the tenants to leave. The birds and pigs collectively tried to destroy the evil plan of Zeta and her war base is destroyed from where she threw lava ice balls to both islands birds and pigs collectively destroyed the base with some good old-fashioned teamwork.

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By the end of the movie, Red came to terms with the reality that he puts himself before others because he feels the need to be a hero in every condition, believing that acceptance comes from others acknowledge his bravery. But, at the end of the movie, he attributes Silver and all of the team members for saving the day and he was wondering, this makes him even more liked among his companions. So, we are likely to see a different Red in 'The Angry Birds Movie 3'. His personality will not be the only thing changed in the upcoming movie as we also see Red begin a passionate relationship with Silver, which will most likely appear in the new film. 

The Mighty Eagle his wife zeta and daughter Debbie might have a tremendous role to play in 'The Angry Birds Movie 3'. Well at the end of the movie mighty eagle rescued his daughter Debbie and married Zeta.

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Last but not least, the eggs which play a wonderful part in the movie, have lastly hatched and we might be seeing some new casts in 'The Angry Birds Movie 3'. 

As far as the exact date of release is concerned, we believe that the earliest possible release date for 'The Angry Birds Movie 3' will be sometime in 2022.