After Data Revision, India Reports New COVID-19 Deaths Record

After Data Revision, India Reports New COVID-19 Deaths Record

India on Thursday reported a global record of over 6,000 coronavirus deaths 24 hours after the state greatly revised its data, stating uncertainties that the country's toll is much higher than reported.

As per the health ministry statistics, 6,148 people lost their lives due to Corona in the last 24 hours, taking total fatalities to nearly 360,000, which is the world's third-highest.

According to an AFP tally, the previous world record was 5,527 in the United States on February 12, though this was because of an upwards revision of earlier deaths as well.

On Wednesday the eastern state of Bihar increased its death toll to around 9,500 by almost 4,000 after revising death records, stated officials.

An audit of the figures was demanded by Bihar's high court in Patna after claims that the local government was hiding the real infections and deaths count.

Similar allegations have been revealed at other state governments also after the latest rise in coronavirus cases resulted in crematoriums overwhelmed across many places and hundreds of dead bodies buried in shallow graves or dumped in rivers.

As the record-keeping is poor even on normal days, according to many experts, India's death rate is many times greater than the official number, could be more than a million which would make it the highest in the world.

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Uncertainty has been increased by the fact that the death toll in many countries, such as Brazil and the United States, is much higher than in India.