American Pakistani Doctor’s Initiative Introduces The World With 20 Times Cheaper Portable MRI

American Pakistani, Dr. Khan Siddiqi’s initiative Hyperline Resrach Inc has developed World’s first Portable MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). This newly developed hyperfine is 20 times cheaper than a conventional system. More so, it is ten times low in weight and consumes 35 times less energy than an ordinary MRI.

Previously, MRI has to be used in a special room in order to hold the massive components of these scanners.

However, this newest invention has the ability to change the situation. Hyperfine MRI has taken 501(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. This means that the device with a 501(k) clearance is not only effective but also safe for the use of the public.

This portable MRI is very convenient to use. It has wheels and can be directly used in the patient’s room. It can be controlled with a tab or an iPad.

Dr. Khan Siddiqui, Hyperfine’s Chief Medical Officer. “Going beyond that, nearly 90% of the world has no access to MRI at all. With the FDA’s decision, we are now ready to rewrite the rules of MRI accessibility.”

Dr. Khan Siddiqui is a Pakistani-American Radiologist, Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Healthcare professional.

It will only cost $50,000 dollars which is quite less, as compared to traditional one-room MRI.



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