Another Shock For Nation? Power Tariff Rising Once Again.


The government of Pakistan has approved a boost of 1.75% in electricity prices. This is 4th hike in power tariffs in Just 11 Months. The PTI government has approved additional charges of 1.75% on consumption of more than 300 units a month. The increase is made to cover up an additional Rs25 billion.

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According to the reports, the increase will take effect from Dec 1st, 2019. And, it will be effective for one year. The PTI government has to make the frequent rise in power tariffs to align with the IMF conditions. At first rise was made in January this year, then on June 14 and October 1.

As reported by Tribune, out of total 30 million consumers, roughly 20mn fall in the category of up to 300 units/month. The average increase for domestic consumers will be 1.5% while for commercial and industrial consumers the increase will be 1.75%.


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