Attack on Gurdwara in Kabul.

Attack on Gurdwara in Kabul.

On Wednesday, unknown gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a gurdwara in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Reportedly, four people died in the attack, and, more than 150 people were there at the time of the attack. According to reports, the Sikh community was holding prayers in the time of CoronaVirus.

Afghan defense forces reached for the help and blocked the area informed the Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said in a message to journalists.

Narender Singh Khalsa, a member of parliament who represents the tiny Sikh community said that he was informed about the attack earlier this morning. They immediately reached out for help along with the Afghan security forces.

“Three suicide bombers entered a dharamsala,” he said, referring to a sanctuary area in a temple compound.

“The gunmen started their attack at a time when the dharamsala was full of worshippers,” he said.

However, the Taliban denied the responsibility of the attack.


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