Attorney General Claims Special Court Verdict Unconstitutional, Immoral and Illegal.

“I condemn the special court’s verdict which is biased and is against the Constitution, unethical, inhuman, and was given by an individual whose sanity is questionable. He must be tried under Article 209 and I will take appropriate measures for immediate action against him”

Attorney General of Pakistan Mr Anwar Masood said that the verdict of the special court in Musharraf High Treason case is unconstitutional. More so, he said that the verdict will hurt the sentiments of millions of people. Also, the government will take action against the decision.

“We will not accept this decision.”

Furthermore, he said that the attorney will make efforts to revert the decision. Its a conspiracy to create a clash between the institutions of the state. Mansoor said that the said judges should be tried for authoring the biased judgment.


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