Anti-Malaria Drug is a Cure for COVID19?

“Chloroquine seems to block the coronavirus in lab studies. There’s some anecdotal evidence from doctors saying it has appeared to help,” says James Gallagher, BBC health correspondent.

In order to ensure a sufficient quantity of medicine in the country, the prime minister has banned the export. On Thursday, prime minister Imran Khan put a ban on the export of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, with immediate effect.

“We need larger, high-quality randomised clinical trials in order to better evaluate their effectiveness,” says University of Oxford ‘s Kome Gbinigie, author of a report on anti-malarial testing for Covid-19.

However, sources suggest that a summary will be presented in a meeting of the federal cabinet for further approval.

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Earlier, the Ministry of Trade banned the export of the drug following the direction received from the National Coordination Committee.

The health ministry had also prepared an identical summary to get approval from the premier as well as the cabinet with a request to lift the ban.

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The trade ministry official then ended the ban. Afterward, the prime minister approved a summary sent by the health ministry to ban the export of the drug.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, experts are conducting clinical trials of the anti-malaria drug to make sure if it is effective in curing the disease

Source: GNN Pakistan


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