BTS Fans Accuses Pakistani Brand Alkaram Of Plagiarism

BTS fans are calling out the known brand of Pakistan “Alkaram” for copying the design of the album from a world-recognized k-pop band.

The name of the album is “Love Yourself” and the cover features a scribbled irregular flower. The same flower has been seen on an Alkaram Kurti boast. More so, the model is holding a bunny which is a signature of the K-Pop genre.

This can be a co-incidence but Alkaram has also taken down the Kurti from the website as a result of calling out of the BTS angry fans.

Many fans questioned their ability to design

Many targetted them for not being creative enough.

Calling them “thieves” was harsh!

Many of them tried to contact the brand for communication of their perspective and the brand was responsive.


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