CDA using Advanced Technology for Tree Transplantation.


Back in 2016, the Capital Development Authority has started the Tree Plantation Campaign in the city. In this regard, the city administration has been taking different steps to protect the trees in order to keep the environment clean and green. Recently, CDA has used the latest machinery to relocate old grown trees instead of cutting them off. The trees are relocated to a new location using the machinery acquired from Punjab Horticulture Authority (PHA).

As per reports, 6 fully grown pine trees were transplanted that would have destroyed during the construction of G-7/G-8 underpass. 9 pine trees would have destroyed in the construction of the underpass. However, the construction has resumed in last week.

A committee is formed by Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA) for scientifically transplanting grown trees and to protect the trees.

“We are making every effort to save pine trees,”

Said Engineering Member Humayun Akhtar

In addition, vision is to not only protect trees which have been growing along the avenue for years but to also maintain the green character of the city. In this regard, 100 trees are planted in adjacent areas. CDA has made a policy under which if one tree is destroyed then 30 more trees will be planted in order to preserve clean and green character of the city.


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