China rejects the United State’s criticism on $ 60 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor. US official for South Asia Alice Wells earlier said that the project will increase Pakistan debt burden. China spokesperson says the Washington had ‘evil intentions’ and US statement is nothing but “same old Script” against CPEC.

Addressing a press conference in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said

“China and Pakistan have clarified and refuted such smears time and again. However, some in the US still use the same old script. They don’t stop though the show has become a complete disaster, and they don’t get off the stage even when booed by the audience,”

The spokesperson emphasized that CPEC is very important to improve Pakistan Socio-Economic Development. More so, thousands of jobs created and the project contributed one to two per cent of economic growth in Pakistan. He said that progress could be seen by 22 successful projects that are carried out in last 5 years.

“No matter what the US says or does or how it tries to spoil the CPEC development, we will work together with Pakistan to develop CPEC and advance our all-weather strategic cooperative partnership to bring more benefits to Pakistani people and deliver more benefits to the region and beyond,”

Mr. Geng added that funds for CPEC consists of 80% direct investments and grants from china. Whereas, Just 20% is Chinese loan. According to the statistics, debt incurred from CPEC stood at $4.9 billion which was less than one-tenth of Pakistan’s total debt.

Furthermore, Mr. Geng said that China has always put Pakistan’s benefit at top priority. He says regardless of the US criticism Pakistan and China will continue working together for the development of Pakistan.


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