China's Biggest Daily Coronavirus Case Rise In Over Two Months

China's Biggest Daily Coronavirus Case Rise In Over Two Months

China reported its biggest daily rise in new COVID-19 cases in more than two months, as Yunnan province, a city on the border with Myanmar in southwestern reported all-new local cases.

The local government of Ruili has home quarantined residents in its urban area, initiated a massive testing drive, and started limiting people from leaving and entering the city from last week after reporting COVID-19 patients.

The city reported all the 15 new local cases on April 4. The total number of new COVID-19 infections is 32, including imported infections initiating from overseas, making it the highest total since January 31.

According to state media, the genetic analysis of the cases discovered in Ruili, recommends the new local infections arise from viruses imported from Myanmar. From the new patients reported, 11 of them were identified as Myanmar citizens.

Ruili is the main transportation point for Yunnan province, which has strived to monitor its rocky 4,000 km (2,500-mile) border with Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam for unlawful immigration within unauthorized crossings last year for people seeking a better place from the pandemic.

The local administration has also started a vaccination drive in Ruili in a bid to control COVID-19 and to build up crowd immunity in the city.

The number of new symptomless cases, which China does not consider as confirmed cases are 18, similar to the total from a day earlier.

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The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in mainland China is now 90,305, whereas the death toll is still at 4,636.