Coronavirus Cases To Decline By The End Of April

Dr. Zhong Nanshan has become the public face of COVID-19 containment efforts. Above, he speaks at a press conference on February 27.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a top adviser of the Chinese government in dealing with the coronavirus has predicted that there is going to be a dominant decline in the cases of coronavirus by the end of April.

This was revealed by a local Chinese television network, Shenzhen Television Station. He was applauding the measures taken by the populous countries around the world.

He said that the measures are effective enough that there is going to be a major decline in the pandemic cases by the end of April.

China has taken measures that helped control the disease from spreading. He threw light on the two measures which were taken to deal with the outbreak: ‘ One is to suppress [the level of transmission] to the lowest level and stop it from spreading, and then buy more time.’

 ‘The other is to delay [the transmissions] and reduce the number of patients through some methods.

‘As more countries have imposed strong measures, I estimate that it should be around the end of April when [the number of new confirmed cases] would decline.’

Zhong also denied the outbreak of any new cases but did accept that there were silent carriers. He also revealed that the affected patients had very few chances of getting infected again since there are antibodies in their body.


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