Coronavirus: Sweden Ready To Close Gyms, Restaurants, Hair salons

Coronavirus: Sweden Ready To Close Gyms, Restaurants, Hair salons

Sweden is observing to close gyms, restaurants and hair salons using its new law ahead of a feared third coronavirus wave, the government said Wednesday.

In January, it adopted a pandemic regulation by providing the government with new powers to control the spread of the virus.

The country has never forced the type of lockdown seen somewhere else in Europe, controversially depend on mostly non-invasive measures.

It has nevertheless steadily tightened measures since November. It includes a prohibition on alcohol sales after 8:00 pm and on public gatherings of greater than eight people.

Sweden has also started limiting the number of allowed people in sports centres, swimming pools and shopping centres and a suggestion to wear face masks on public transport during peak hours.

Previously, the government has taken measures under the pandemic law to close shopping malls if required. It is now increasing the measures to include all commercial and service centres, like gyms, pools, sports centres, hair salons, cafes and restaurants.

According to a government statement, if the infection rate gets extremely worsens, the government will need to close some businesses.

Health Minister Lena Hallengren told reporters that they got no notice regarding closures till now, but they are preparing themselves for it. Now, they don't accept that it's mandatory but obviously, they are not going to wait until it's very late, she added.

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The country with a population of 10.3 million people has been hit worse as compared to its Nordic neighbours. On Tuesday, Sweden reported a total of 617,869 cases of Covid-19 and 12,487 related deaths.
The Corona Cases have been decreased since mid-December, but the numbers have started rising again and health officials are concerned that a third wave could not be too far.