Could ultrasound frequencies kill coronavirus?

Could ultrasound frequencies kill coronavirus?

Another examination, done by specialists at MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering, has recommended that Covids might be powerless against ultrasound vibrations, inside the frequencies utilized in clinical analytic imaging. 

The team designed the virus’s response to the mechanical vibration across a range of different ultrasound frequencies using computer simulations, finding that vibration between 25 and 100 megahertz causes the shell of the virus to collapse and rupture within a fraction of a millisecond.

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Though their results are introductory and based on limited data, MIT researchers believe that the findings are the first hint at a possible ultrasound-based treatment to fight Covid-19.

Tomasz Wierzbicki, professor of applied mechanics at MIT, said: “We’ve proven that under ultrasound excitation the coronavirus shell and spikes will vibrate, and the amplitude of that vibration will be very large, producing strains that could break certain parts of the virus, doing visible damage to the outer shell and possibly invisible damage to the RNA inside.”

Wierzbicki is confident that this elastic model is a good starting point for further research into developing a treatment for Covid-19.