COVID19: Lockdown Ends in Wuhan & the City is Back to Life.

Finally, the Chinese government has lifted lockdown from Wuhan as it recovers from the crisis. Wuhan is the epicenter of the novel coronavirus, where life is back to normal after 76 days long lockdown. However, there is still some restriction in place within the city because of fears of the second wave of the virus.

Highway entrances are open, flight and train operations are working normally. And, healthy residents are finally moving out of the city.

Wuhan’s railway authority estimated more than 55,000 passengers will leave Wuhan by train. However, about 40% bound for the Pearl River Delta region, a major manufacturing hub in China.

After work and production resumed, the movement of people increased and so did the risk of cross-infections from mass gatherings. Some residents have dropped their guard and don’t wear masks when they go on the streets. The reopening of Wuhan does not mean the all-clear, neither does it mean a relaxing of epidemic prevention and control measures (within the city),” 

says Luo Ping, an epidemic control official in Wuhan

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Wuhan is the origin of Coronavirus which is now back to normal life. But, the officials have warned that the epidemic is still not over so preventive measures and restrictions are still prevailing.

China sealed off Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, in late January to stop the spread of the virus. Over 50,000 people in Wuhan caught the virus, and more than 2,500 of them died, about 80% of all deaths in China, according to official figures.


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