COVID19: Saudi Arabia Announces to Suspend Taraweeh Prayer in Holy Mosques!

“The suspension of performing the five daily prayers at mosques is more important than the suspension of Taraweeh prayers. We ask Allah the Almighty to accept Taraweeh prayers whether held at mosques, or homes, which we think is better for people’s health. We ask Allah the Almighty to accept prayers from all of us. And protect humanity from this epidemic that hit the entire world,”

Al Riyadh newspaper quoted Dr. Abdul Latif Al Sheikh, Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Islamic Affairs announces that no Taraweeh will be performed this Ramadan at the mosques. Continuing the suspension of prayers at mosques the Ministry directs to perform Taraweeh prayers at home. The decision of suspension of prayers at the mosque will prevail until the novel coronavirus ends.

Furthermore, not more than five people from the deceased’s family could gather to perform the funeral prayer.

This is a precaution in line with the prohibition of gatherings, so that funeral prayers take place at cemeteries should not exceed five to six of the deceased’s relatives, and the rest pray at their homes

Says minister of RELIGIOUS affairs Saudi arab

More so, the coronavirus tally of Saudi Arabia is almost 5000 cases with death toll of 65. However, around 800 people recovered from the decease so far.


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