Direct Rice Seeding Technology To Be Incorporated For 30% Extra Yield

Direct Rice Seeding Technology (DRST) which can save up to 36 percent water and 20,000 per acre expenditure has been introduced by the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. This technology can help farmers obtain 30 percent extra yield.

This information revealed on the Farmer’s Day at Chak Bandi Rajao Sadaat on October 27, 2019. Prof Dr Muhammad Ashraf, Vice-Chancellor of UAF, was invited as the chief guest.

The chief guest was of the view that this technology can help farmers achieve maximum agricultural yield but cannot be incorporated because of many technical factors. Small farmers can get a number of benefits from this new development. Reverse engineering technology is being utilized to develop affordable and practical machines for incorporating technology like DRST.

Col(R) Syed Asim Ali Shah who provided his cultivated area for DSTR introduced by UAF was happy with the yield and was ready to use it for the following year too. He added that such collaborations should be there in order to introduce a small farming community. Water irrigation is also one of the things UAF is striving hard for.


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