Draw Schedule, Prize Money & News of Rs. 25000 Prize Bond

Draw Schedule, Prize Money & News of Rs. 25000 Prize Bond

If you want to save your money and you have any fear of loss then purchasing a bond is the best option. The plus point is in case of need you can encash your bond in less than an hour and if your bond number appeared in the ballet then you will win a massive amount of prize money. 

Today we will discuss the 25000 prize bond, schedule of the draw and prize money. 

After every three months, the draw will take place to check Rs. 25000 bond result online you have to visit nationbytes.com enter the bond number in the search field. You can also check the complete list of 25000 prize bond draw.

The first prize of Rs. 25000 prize bond amount is Rs. 50000000 (5 crores). The second prize amount is Rs. 15000000 (1.5 crores), and the third prize is Rs. 312,000 (3 lac 12 thousand). You can easily claim the prize money by visiting any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan.

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The 35th draw of 25000 prize bond held in Peshawar on 2nd November 2020, was considered as the last withdrawal because the government decided to discontinue the bonds of 25000 Rs.

Though, the process for encashment of the Rs. 25000 prize bonds are quite easy. All the bondholders have to provide their CNIC and fill a form issued by the State bank of Pakistan for encashment of the bonds. All of the money is transfer to your bank account.