EU Diplomats Turn Down Invitation Saying They Want An ‘Unescorted’ Visit

India’s invitation to visit the valley of Kashmir was turned down by EU diplomats since they claimed that they wanted to meet the natives unescorted as reported by The Hindu.

17 countries were sent the invitation. These countries included Philipines, Nigeria, Niger, US, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Guyana, Argentina, Norway, Fiji, Togo, Peru, Bangladesh. The visit was supposed to be two days long starting on Thursday when the lockdown was entering the 158th today.

The representatives from 17 countries would first be taken to Srinagar and then later to Kashmir where a meet up with Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu and other officials was planned.

It has been reported that representatives did not want a visit with a heavy protocol and escort like the visit by European Parliament members last year in October. A separate visit will be organized for the EU representative later.

However, the government sources have revealed that they are not able to organize because of the accommodation of 28 countries altogether. They said that the invitation was rejected because of the other commitments.

27 European MPs have already visited the valley last year in October. Opposition leaders were instructed to return back from Srinagar airport without making a visit to Jammu Kashmir.


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