Facebook Expands Parents Control Over Their Child’s Facebook Account

Facebook has been in spotlight for a long time by authorities who have openly criticized the networking site for lack of control and responsibility. Facebook on Tuesday has announced that it will introduce new features on phone that will have more parental control specifically for children under 13.

These features were introduced in response to queries of parents who questioned privacy protection for children while using the app.

The new features enable the parents will help parents to go through the chat history of their children. More so, parents will have the access of keeping track of the accounts which are blocked and unblocked. Parents can also see the photos and videos being shared in the inbox and can delete them if they find them in appropriate.

Facebook has already fixed a flaw previously acknowledging publicly that they have made it. The company is fixed on improving the app security for kids.

The flaw allowed the kids to enter any group they want without the approval of their parents.

Facebook has been target of many governments because it removed end-to-end encryption across the messaging services.

These encryption blocks were holding the lawmakers to track the level of child abuse.

However, encryption plans about Messenger kids have not been revealed by Facebook.


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