Female Pilgrim Makes History: Reaches Mecca On Bicycle


Female pilgrim, Sarah Habba who is also a cyclist reached Mecca on a bicycle making a record of being the first cyclist to make it to the Holy Place on a bicycle.

Previously, three Muslims have shown interest in making their journey to Mecca on a bike since it was cost-effective. However, Habba now has the crown of being the first cyclist to make history.

She completed her adventurous journey in 53 days. She passed through the deserts of Sudan and Egypt.

She named her bicycle cycle e Merzouga which means “grace with blessing”. These words have been taken from Maghrebi Arabic.

Through her Instagram account, she shared with her followers that she did not feel she could complete her journey as she doubted her physical health will be affected by the journey. However, her health did support her wish and she was able to make her journey to Mecca.

She also feared that she might be stopped at the gate of Mecca and she was not. During the period of 53 days, she has received an immense amount of love and prayer from Muslims around the world.


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