Four Cases Of Indian Coronavirus Variant Reported In Sindh: Qasim Soomro

Four Cases Of Indian Coronavirus Variant Reported In Sindh: Qasim Soomro

Sindh reported four cases of Indian variant coronavirus, according to Parliamentary Secretary on Health Qasim Soomro on Monday.

“All the four patients have been quarantined in Karachi and contact tracing has started,” he stated. “They arrived in Pakistan from multiple Gulf countries and tested positive at the airport.” However, the patients were doing fine as per Soomro’s confirmation.

In Sindh, samples of over 50 coronavirus patients were taken by us and we came to know that 75% of people tested positive for the South African variant. The others were UK, Brazilian and other strains.

“The Sindh government was criticized for lockdown in the province, but we are implementing this to protect ourselves from a catastrophe,” the secretary stated.

He highlighted the importance of getting vaccinated as soon as possible. “We are approaching remote areas in Sindh and launching mobile vaccination centres to facilitate everyone.”

He suggested people go on a social media detox. “All rumours regarding the vaccines are false and no one should believe them.”

While criticizing the government, the secretary highlighted that the government has been unskilled in controlling the virus spread. “It is giving mixed signals to people.”

On Friday, the first Indian variant case in Pakistan was confirmed by the health ministry. According to the ministry, one case of the Indian variant and seven cases of the South African variant were found in samples that were collected three weeks back.

On April 20, Pakistan had placed a travel ban on all incoming passengers from India owing to fears of the “double mutant” coronavirus variant.

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According to a World Health Organisation report issued last week,  the coronavirus variant first detected in India has now been reported officially in 53 territories.