France Opens Covid-19 Jabs For All Adults To Fight Against Variants

France Opens Covid-19 Jabs For All Adults To Fight Against Variants

France opened Covid-19 vaccines to all adults on Monday, a week before Germany, as Europe is fighting to avoid another wave of infections triggered by new virus variants.

Till now, 25.4 million people have received the first shot of a vaccine, which is almost 38 percent of the population and about one in two adults.

So far, people over 50, workers in professions specifically much exposed to the virus, and younger adults having health problems were prioritized.

As France is just beginning to recover from a severe third wave of infections, President Emmanuel Macron´s government keenly wants to quickly expand the vaccine coverage to curb the spread of variants that could stimulate fresh disaster.

The president announced on Monday that he as well as his wife Brigitte had been vaccinated.

"Just like Brigitte and I, and like 25 million French people have done, let´s get vaccinated! To protect ourselves along with our loved ones," tweeted Macron, who caught the Covid-19 virus in December.

Over the past week, both France and Germany have imposed new limitations on travel from the UK, to control the spread of the Indian variant which was blamed for the rise in cases in parts of Britain.

The French tourism sector is facing severely as from Monday British and other non-EU nationals travelling from the UK to France must provide a "convincing reason” to enter the country.

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In the meantime, Germany has imposed a two-week quarantine for travellers coming from the UK.