Google Doodle Celebrates The 108th Birthday Of Saadat Hasan Manto

Google paid tribute to one of the most popular and celebrated writer of Pakistan, Sadat Hassan Manto.

Shehzil Malik, a Pakistani illustrator has designed the doodle on the request of Google.

Malik gave the big news via his Instagram handle, saying “Today is Saadat Hasan Manto’s 108th birthday and I was asked to draw the Google Doodle to commemorate the occasion.”

While commenting on Manto, Malik added “Manto is a hero to me, so this was a huge honour. Go find the artwork on the Google homepage- and if you haven’t read Manto, you need to get on that immediately!”

Manto has been a popular literary figure who has written about 22 short stories, 1 novel, 5 series of radio plays, 2 collections of personal sketches. His pieces are acknowledged in Pakistan and India.

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