Government of Pakistan Developing an Alternative of Whats-app for Govt Officials.


We have been working to improve our cyber security and develop a messaging application like WhatsApp for government officials, This local application will help us protect sensitive government data and other classified information from hostile spying agencies and hackers” Dr Arslan Khalid

The Government of Pakistan is developing a messaging App for Govt officials. This App will serve as an alternative to whats-app. As per details, all government officials including President & PM will use this Local app from next June. Previously, WhatsApp has been facing number of security threats and data leakage issues, targeting Pakistan Military. However, all ministries will use this locally developed app as an official medium of communication.

Ali Khan Jadoon, lawmaker and chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology said:

“This network will have the ministry of defense, interior and others on it since we don’t want any sensitive information to be leaked,”

Furthermore, a report stated that a special kind of malware called “Pegasus” is employed in WhatsApp. The malware effected the privacy of million of users. It targeted 1400 senior government and military officials in twenty countries including Pakistan.

A special advisory issued by the Ministry of Information Technology earlier this month said:

“The malware is capable of infecting any mobile phone [iOS and Android] only by generating a missed call on the targeted WhatsApp number,” 

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However, the advisory authority directed all the government official not to use Whats-app or any such app to share official data and documents.


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