Hajj Will Cost Rs550,000 From This Year

The increase in the US dollar exchange rate will cause a hike in the cost of Hajj.  The Ministry of Religious Affairs revealed that the cost will increase by a hundred thousand rupees.

Ministry of Religious Affairs Secretary Mushtaq Bhorana told the senate, ” The Ministry of Religious Affairs has recommended an increase in the cost of Hajj package by Rs115,000. After, this hike the total cost of government Hajj package would become around Rs550,000.”

He said that the rise in the airfares and the dollar rate has caused the Hajj to take a massive price hike.

The government Hajj package for the northern region is Rs550,000 and the southern region is Rs 545,000.

Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri highlighted that poor of the country will not be able to perform Hajj as the government keeps increasing the hajj package price.

The secretary briefed the panel that previously every pilgrim was charged Rs433,000 but was later returned an amount ranging between Rs37,000 and Rs60,000.

The committee asked about the absence of Noor ul Haq Qadri, minister for religious affairs and directed him to make an appearance in the next month.


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