Handler Of PSX Attack Track Traced Out To Be In Afghanistan

Pakistan Stock Exchange attack investigations have revealed a major development after the security agencies were able to obtain their mobile phones used by terrorists through which they were able to reach the handler.

It was revealed that the handler was in Afghanistan.

“Their handler was located in Kandahar city of Afghanistan,” the investigators who were able to trace the calls made before the attack.

“We are trying to dig out further to trace other calls made from the phone,”  they  added

A car showroom and sabzi mandi have been raided in the investigation to know more about the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) attack.

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The owner of the showroom was interrogated to obtain more evidence about the vehicle being used in the attack.

The owner has handed the document terrorists used to obtain the vehicle and CCTV footage to cater to the security agency.

It is important to mention that 11 people were killed in the attack leaving several injured.

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