How to manage time at work?

How to manage time at work?

We are always busy with our daily work and some of us still have a complaint about not completing their tasks. Well, this is not something new and almost everybody experiences this. So the question that comes out is that how to manage time for work?

Time is something that you can only conquer with ‘Discipline’. For any task to be accomplished one has to start it before the required time. Let’s go through these 5 tips that can help you manage time for work.


First of all, gather the tasks that you have to complete throughout the day and write them down somewhere you can see them. The point is that they should remind you of completing them and not irritate you by banging the tik tok of time on your head. 

  • Prioritize your work:

Everyone has his/her own interests and the likeness of something determines the completion of that work. If someone is interested in reading then he/she might take less time to read a book than someone who has less interest in reading.

Now there are 2 cases under this section, for some people they would prioritize the work that is the most interesting to them and after completing it in quite less time they would move on to the tasks less interesting to them. However, for others, this is not the case. They would choose to do the work least interesting to them so that it is not left behind at the end of the day.

You can choose either of the options to know how you can manage time for your work and then go with the one that suits you best and get your hands off the tasks as soon as possible.

  • Avoid Multitasking:

We humans may be good with multitasking with our natural responses such as looking, speaking, hearing but doing appreciable work needs focus and focus can only be attained if one is giving all the attention to that work. 

In order to keep the work flowing stay at one task at a time and move on to the other when you have finished this.

  • Turn Off Notifications:

This also relates to keeping yourself focused and connected with the work. One of the very effective tips on how you can manage your time at work is that you stay away from distractions.

Try keeping your cell phone notifications off while you work because otherwise, you may end up hanging from one app to another and find your time flying.

  • Take Breaks:

You might think that the article is about managing time at your work and here you are suggested to take breaks. Yes, don’t worry! You have read it right. Taking a break is as necessary as staying focused on your work. Experienced people advise to take a 5-10 minute break after every hour and execute two important things:

  1. Get up from your seat and stretch yourself in a casual way so that the circulation of blood stays good.
  2. Read or watch something inter-related to your work so that when you start again, your mind pitches news ideas that you can blend in with your work.

Managing time surely sounds easy but it is as flexible as time itself therefore maintaining a habit and discipline are something that would work with the above tips.