How To Reduce Image Size

How To Reduce Image Size

In this digital era, most of the photos are capture by DSLR cameras or cell phones having image size from 1 MB to 2 MB per file or more than that depending upon the resolution of the camera.

If you want to put publish them on the website or email to someone, you probably need to reduce the image size or optimize the image. That way, you can quickly upload it and the receiver downloads your photos more quickly. 

There are many ways to reduce the image size, for example, resize images in photoshop, tools available online or in the Paint program. One of the easiest ways among all of them is to reduce image size by using the “Paint”.

How to reduce image size in paint

Instructions for how to resize images using Paint are given below:

1. Launch the Paint program in laptop/desktop
2. Click on the ‘File’ at the top left of the paint 
3. Click open and search for your required image or add image path
4. After Selection of an image, pick the resize option from the top menu 
5. There are two options one is a percentage and the other is a pixel. Add values for horizontal (width) and vertical (height). It is recommended to check the "Maintain aspect ratio" check-box, to maintain the aspect ratio of the image otherwise resized image will be distorted.
6. Click ‘Ok’ if the size of an image is according to desired then save the image by click on the file, choose ‘save as’ and click on ‘save’. 
7. Else repeat the process until you get the desired size of an image.

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