Human Trials Of The Vaccine With Highest Probability Of Stopping COVID-19 Begin

Human trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine that has been launched by Oxford University will start human testing in the coming days. The vaccine will hopefully be available in the market later this year.

Previously scientists at Oxford University in the UK were confident that they are one step closer in developing the vaccine which can hinder the severe COVID-19 spread. Six mokeys had been injected with this newly developed vaccine.  The monkeys chosen for the test were rhesus macaque which is very close to human beings.

Then they were all exposed to coronavirus which has infected other monkeys too. After 4 weeks, these monkeys were healthy.

 The volunteers for the vaccine are chosen between 18 to 55 who are healthy, tested negative for coronavirus, and not pregnant or breastfeeding. In its first phase, half of 1,112 volunteers will receive the potential vaccine.

There are more than 100 research projects in the world right now working on the vaccine of the COVID-19. Seven of these vaccines are under clinical trials in the UK. Many trials are underway in China, the USA, and Germany since UN has identified that the only way to survive through this pandemic is with the development of a vaccine.

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