Hydrocortisone, The Next Big Drug For Treating Coronavirus

Hydrocortisone, The Next Big Drug For Treating Coronavirus

The Imperial College London Professor, Anthony Gordon was involved with the team investigating whether hydrocortisone is effective for treating COVID-19 patients who are in critical condition. These patients included those who were on ventilators in intensive care.

This study was then compared with other studies in the same regard from around the globe which was whether the new hyped drug is successful in treating or not.

“Taking the data from all the seven trials combined, in the patients who weren't treated with steroids, about 40 percent died from this severe Covid-19,” Gordon revealed.

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 “In the groups that were given the various steroids, 32 percent, roughly, died, so that's a 20 percent reduction in the risk [...] That means if you treat 100 patients giving them steroids, you would expect to save eight lives, which is really impressive to see a result like that.”