India Blames Pakistan for Delhi Riots!

“Islamabad used about 200 Twitter handles to provoke Indian Muslims and spark discontent against the police during and after the communal riots in Delhi”.

Says India

Blame games have always been the favourite game in India. Since inception, India has always been making a lame claim about Pakistan. Now, the Indian government blames that Pakistan has been backing the Delhi riots.

They claim that “detailed investigations conducted by Indian agencies” reveal Pakistani deep state was working for creating a major communal disturbance in India.

The riots, which began on 23 February and were caused chiefly by Hindu mobs attacking Muslims. The bloodshed claimed 55 lives and injured more than 500 people.

The protest began after India passed the Citizenship amendment bill in December 2019.

Previously Indian Home minister said that it is just a conspiracy. He also blamed that politicians are spreading lies about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and misleading people.

Now, a well known Indian newspaper blames Pakistan and stated “Indian security agencies have red-flagged an Indonesia-based non-government organisation (NGO) for raising funds on cyberspace in the name of the Delhi riots. The money was to be ostensibly sent to Muslims who either lost their family members, were injured or lost their property in the February 24-25 riots that left 53 people dead and more than 500 injured.”

Source: The News


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