Instagram Stepping Up Their Game To Stop Bullying


Instagram has decided to take initiative on cyberbullying. It is trying to create a safe environment for sharing.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platform has decided to hide likes. More so, it is taking special notice of posts promoting weight loss and cosmetic surgery. In order to decrease the number of abusive messages, Instagram will now roll out a warning message.

The abusive message will receive a warning stating ‘this caption looks similar to others that have been reported’ in order to remind the posting individual about bullying.

Since this is a computer programmed feature, common message will easily recognize the common messages.

This effort is being recognized by many cyberbullying organizations. Raisbeck, the co-founder of the UK charity Cybersmile said, ” We should all consider the impact of our words, especially online where comments can be easily misinterpreted.”

He further added, “Tools like Instagram’s Comment and Caption Warning are a useful way to encourage that behavior before something is posted, rather than relying on reactive action to remove a hurtful comment after it’s been seen by others.”

Instagram has been on the radar of criticism by many parents of kids who have been through major damages because of cyberbullying.


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