COVID-19: Is air quality related to mortality rate?

Researchers in the US think that the polluted air can fasten the spread of coronavirus and therefore air quality is significant in the pandemic almost all the countries are trying to survive. The researchers are filing a case that those living in poor air quality have more chances of dying than others. Therefore the lockdown ease should be done very carefully.

According to the Aoran Bernstein the director of the Center for Climate, Health, and Global Environment at Harvard University, ” The evidence we have is pretty clear that people who have been living in places that are more polluted over time, that they are more likely to die from coronavirus.”

This is not the first time pollution has been called out for spreading fatal viruses. In 2003, a study revealed that those suffering from SARS, another respiratory disease very close in nature to COVID-19 are 84 %more likely to die if they are living in a polluted area.

For every small increment in air pollution, there’s a substantial increase in death,” says Harvard’s Aaron Bernstein. “You could pick any city in the world and expect to see the effect of air pollution on people’s risk of getting sicker from coronavirus.”

Many cities have witnessed a dramatic drop in cases after the lockdown.


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