Italy’s Coronavirus Death Tally Tops China Death Tally

The number of deaths reported in Italy which are 3405 has crossed the deaths reported in China which are 3245. It means that Italy tops the death numbers by 165. However, the data provided so far by China has been questioned based on reliability.

Italy has been under lockdown since March 12 and the lockdown has been extended beyond March 25, the original end date. All Italians have been directed to stay at home strictly.

The cases reported so far in the world are 220,000 and the mysterious virus has claimed the life of 9000 people. Countries are taking measures but the cases have been increasing.

China has recently confidence stated that they have everything under control. More so, there have been no new cases. 34 new cases just came back to China from some other countries.

The number of cases is still higher in China which is more than 81,000 is higher than any other country including Italy.


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