K-P Striving Hard To Control The Lavish Wedding Expenses


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in order to control the lavish wedding and the extra spending on the wedding implemented a law that limited the number of activities. It was implemented before two years and so far the police of K-P is finding hard to make citizens follow the rule.

The title for the bill was K-P Marriage Functions (Prohibition of Ostentatious Displays and Wasteful Expenses) Bill 2018 was passed in February 2018 and received majority votes in the provincial legislature.

The law focussed on activities that were unnecessary like decoration of the houses, streets and even marriage halls. More so, the loudspeaker should remain indoors.

The law is also very strict about the menu since it was limiting to one dish of the three courses. Duty commissioners have been blamed for the failure of implementing the law.

Laws for securing the position of the bride and her family were also established like depriving the bride of the gifts can lead to Rs200,000 fine and a three months jail. More so, payment in the name of the dowry cannot be given to the groom’s family.

According to the law, if someone violates, he has to pay a fine of Rs200,000 and was to be jailed. However, the duty commissioners have never penalized anyone.

The payment of dowry is also a very common act.

There are still reports of women being killed and attacked with acid in the dowry disputes.


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