KPK Launches App For Recovering Missing Children

KPK government has launched a new app by the name of “Mera Bacha Alert” in order to recover the missing children in the province. This will help the number of people who have missing children.

Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mahmood Khan has formally launched the app.

This application will be included in Pakistan Citizen Portal and is a part of the already available KP Citizens Portal.

Mahmood Khan, Chief Minister cherished the hard work of the Performance Management and Reforms Unit KP. He said that this application will not only recover the missing children but will discourage any repulsive incidents.

He said, “It is the priority of this government to ensure the protection of children. Mera Bacha Alert application is a golden step in this regard.”

The mechanism was explained to the Chief Minister in a formal event at Chief Secretariat.

The app has all the elements which can help the user in distress. The app allows us to add the picture of the missing children along with their distinctive characteristics.

The application registered will send alerts in the form of SMS to DPO (District Police Officer) RPO, IGP, and Chief Secretary.

These registrations will help in maintaining the directory of the missing children which can be monitored by Chief Secretary and Chief Minister. A public web portal like Mera Bacha Alert will help in maintaining a missing/found children by contact directory by police stations.

The app will also allow access to Edhi. and other child protection centers.


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