LHC Fined Rs200000 To Man For Saying COVID-19 Doesn't Exist

LHC Fined Rs200000 To Man For Saying COVID-19 Doesn't Exist

As there are rumors that coronavirus is not existing in Pakistan and all of the news are fake and for the sake of getting aid from foreign countries. By keeping this in view The Lahore High Court has imposed a fine of Rs200,000 on a man for saying that the novel coronavirus does not exist.

The man had registered an appeal against the treatment of covid-19 in the country.

Chief Justice Qasim Ali Khan asked the person if he doesn’t want the government to tackle the coronavirus.
In response to his question, he said that the virus does not exist.

The court rejected his appeal and imposed a fine of .2M on him for propagating fake news.

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However, 2,142 new COVID-19 cases were verified in the past 24 hours, bringing the statistics to 462,814. With 84 new deaths, the coronavirus death toll of Pakistan is reached 9,557. So far, a total of 415,352 people have recovered from the virus while the active number of cases reaches 37,905.

35,621 tests conducted across Pakistan in the last 24 hours, the positivity rate has reached 6.01%