Lord Nazir Ahmed Reveals Navy Indian Sailors Spying For Pakistan

Lord Nazir Ahmed, the Muslim UK parliament member and First Muslim member appointed in the House of Lords for life has recently revealed names of the Indian Navy Soldiers being arrested for spying for Pakistan. The names revealed are 13 in number. He made this solicitude through his twitter account.  He tweeted,

13 Indian Navy Sailors arrested for spying for Pakistan

  • Satish Mishra
  • Deepak Trivedi
  • Pankaj Iyer
  • Sanjiv Kumar
  • Sanjay Tripati
  • Babloo Singh
  • Vikas Kumar
  • Rahul Singh
  • Sanjay Rawat
  • DevGupta
  • Rinku Tyagi
  • Rishi Mishra
  • VedRam

He also questioned why the issue of such magnitude was it not an NDTV debate or Times of India headline.


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