Maria B., a Victim Or a Culprit?

The designer sent her cook who tested positive for COVID-19 back to his village in Vehari on a bus.

Renowned fashion designer of Pakistan has made a video which was viral on social media on Tuesday. This video condemned the raid of police in her house to arrest her husband. Her husband for sending their cook on a bus to his village who was tested positive for COVID19.

She complained that the police raided her house like her family was mafia and called them the “culprit. She also requested PM Imran Khan to take notice of the raid.

Later her husband was released and a video was shared with her husband in which thanked the support and condemned the arrest.

A new video by a police commissioner has been released earlier this day bashing the designer and her family for an ignorant attitude.

The general audience is also not happy with the designer and has accused her of playing the victim when she and her family were the culprits.


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