Meet The Real-Life Tarzan, Who lived 41 Years in the Jungle.

Meet The Real-Life Tarzan, Who lived 41 Years in the Jungle.

In Childhood, every child loved to watch the Tarzan Cartoon series. In our childhood, many of us also played Tarzan character games. But now we can also see real-life Tarzan. 

Meet Ho Vang Lan named Real-life Tarzan who spent 41 years of his life in the jungles of Vietnam. He spent his life in complete isolation in the forest of  Vietnam with his father and brother. He is being dubbed as “Real Tarzan”.

Ho Vang Lan fled civilization at the end of the Vietnam war in 1972. His mother and two siblings killed in an Us bomb.

In the past four decades, they only saw five other people and ran away each time. He had no idea that a creature like a woman also exists.

The trio lived entirely in the wilderness, eat honey, fruits, and forest creatures, building shelters, and fending themselves.

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In 2015, Alvaro Cerezo, a photographer tracked the family. They were "rescued" from their isolated life and taken to a local village where women lived. Cerezo also said that they always escaped from people even seen them from distance. More surprisingly still they have no idea about men and women.

His brother said that Lang’s brain is like a baby. He has no idea of what is bad and what is good. He said,  if I will ask him to stab someone, he will stab the person without even thinking about the consequences that the person could die. 

Ho Vang thinks the modern world is "noisy", however, he loves seeing "animals being friendly with people."

"In the jungle animals always ran away from me," he said.