Minister Of Religious Affairs Writes To PM.

Minister Of Religious Affairs Writes To PM.

As Ramadan is a few days away, we all know what to expect- cleansing of the souls with loads of TV shows intending on apparently, promoting the same. TV channels, that usually have entertainment related shows airing, will be taking a 180 degree turn to nothing, but religion related content- for obvious reasons.

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 For this purpose, minister of religious affairs Pir Noor Ul Haq Qadri written to the prime minister,parts of which have been released to the press. the minister is reported to have said that anchors and presenters invariably create controversies during Ramadan shows and invite massive outrage from the public on social media. The ministry of religious affairs itself receives complaints that most of the guests lack the deep understanding in matters of faith needed to express opinions at such shows, which makes these nothing but a nuisance. Although the minister did not name any individual in his letter, an official said the ministry had received a large number of complaints against Aamir Liaquat, the television host and MNA, that he was setting “a bad example for society” and that one channel was rquired, that could put some limits upon these channels to make sure they don’t cross the boundaries and create conflicts for the sake of ratings.

 The minister wrote to Prime Minister Imran Khan:

 “I would like to draw your kind attention to a very sensitive issue being observed over the last few years that TV channels telecast special programmes during Ramazan. It has been noted with concern that a large number of hosts who appear at these shows lack sufficient knowledge of Islam and hardly qualify to anchor such programmes.”

 The ministry suggested the government to set out guidelines for Ramadan transmissions and make it binding upon TV channels to select individuals well versed in Islamic affairs to host religious programmes, since this in itself is a big responsib8ilty, that can not be delegated to anyone, but a learned individual.