New Business & New Goals: How To Set Them?

Yes we know that you want to achieve a lot in short span of time. It is natural! What you achieve greatly depends on the goals you are going to set.

The goals of the business should be as clear as filter water. These goal can include a number of elements like budget, schedule and quality. You need to define them clearly before time. A study at PMI shows that 37% of the new businesses fail because the goals and objectives are not clearly defined.

There are two types of goals involved in this process. They are short term and long term goals which need to be well-sorted out before time. If the goal is clear, you do not get distracted by unimportant confusion  which can make you ignorant of potential milestones.

What You Can Do?

  • Use a proper software for setting goals.
  • Share your goals with all the project participants and ask for their feedback.
  • Critical things of the plan should be included in your priority goal list.
  • Develop a practical action plan.
  • The track of the startup plan should be clearly defined and followed.


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