New Passport Ranking 2021 As Per Visa-Free Areas Released

New Passport Ranking 2021 As Per Visa-Free Areas Released

The Henley world passport ranking for the year 2021 was released on Wednesday despite that many countries are planning lockdowns due to the new variant of the coronavirus.

The new ranking is based on the number of countries the holders of the particular passport can visit without a visa.

Japan once again topped the list with visa-free access to 191 countries. Japan was followed by Singapore with the 190 visa-free destinations.

Germany and South Korea stand at 3rd best with each having visa-free access to 189 destinations. The four European countries Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, and Finland have the 4th best passport in the world with 188 points each.

The United States and the United Kingdom both stand in 7th position with its holders having visa-free access to 185 destinations.

Malaysia is the highest-ranked Muslim country at number 14 with 178 visa-free destinations. Followed by UAE at number 16 with visa-free access to 173 countries. UAE has significantly improved the ranking from 62 in 2006.

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The Indian passport ranked 85th with 58 visa-free destinations. Pakistan stands at fourth last 107th number with only 32 visa-free destinations. Only higher than Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.