Now It’s easy to register an Online FIR.

Now It’s easy to register an Online FIR.

A piece of good news for Islamabad citizens. The Islamabad police had introduced an online complaint management system (CMS) to help out the federal citizens. As FIR is the basic right of every complainant who is the victim of any crime; it is the duty of the Police to register it promptly, as and when it is reported. So Islamabad police take an initiative for their Citizens.

Islamabad Police are offering an online FIR registration to its citizens. This new feature will help citizens to register their complaints at any time. After registering their complaints, they receive instant updates on the progress when they choose to track their complaints.

Up to now, it is mandatory for citizens to register their complaints by visiting physically to a concerned Police station.  Although this mode is still available, now it's up to you, either you register a complaint online or file a complaint by visiting a Police station.

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Through Complaint Management System, citizens can register the following types of complaints:

  • FIR Registration
  • Concerns about Investigation.
  • Complaint against Officials
  • Crime against Women and Children
  • Traffic Complaint

Furthermore, foreign Pakistani or citizens of other cities can also use  Complaint Management System to register their online FIR.

After the registration of the complaints has been done, the complaint will be redirected to the concerned police station and monitored by the Senior (ICT) Police officials. And confirmation SMS is also received after filing a complaint successfully.

Registration Process to File Online FIR

The online FIR registration can be submitted by visiting the official website of  Islamabad Police.

First click on  ‘Submit a Complaint’  in the top navigation panel. That will redirect you to the Online Complaint System where you will be required to add your name, address, contact number, CNIC number, city, nature of the complaint, and complaint details in the relevant fields. 

After completing all relevant information, click on the ‘Submit’ button appearing at the bottom of the page.