One Slogan One Track Go India Go Back: British Kashmiris Protest In UK

One Slogan One Track Go India Go Back: British Kashmiris Protest In UK

British Kashmiris protested on India’s Republic Day against atrocities in occupied Kashmir. Many Kashmiris around the world observed Republic Day of India as a black day in order to make the world notice that India has taken the right of self-determination from Kashmiris.

The protestors came up with pro-freedom slogans and anti-India slogans like “One slogan one track, go India go back” and “We want freedom” and staged a protest in front of Indian High Commission London. These protestors belonged to the south and north areas of the United Kingdom (UK).

Indian High Commission building was labeled as a ‘symbol of slavery’ by Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) UK President Raja Fahim Kayani. He said that India’s Republic Day is just a trick to take the attention of the curfew which does not allow Kashmiris to communicate via the internet or even vote.

He while addressing the protestors highlighted that the repealing of Article 370 proves that India is not a democracy.

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 Kiyani said, “It is India that snatched the statehood, flag, constitution and autonomy of Kashmiris and now the Modi government is working to convert the only Muslim-majority state of India into the minority to settle outsiders in IOJ&K.”

Chaudhry Muhammad Yaseen, opposition leader in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA) requested the UK PM  Boris Johnson through a memorandum to help Kashmiris in this situation.

“The Tehreek-e-Kashmir as representatives of 700,000 British Kashmiris urged the prime minister of UK to immediately call upon the government of India to immediately lift the curfew and reinstate Articles 370 and 35A, and permit independent UN observers to access to IOK,” the memorandum stated.

“During the Second World War, the Kashmiris gave their blood and stood up against fascism and again on 26th January 2020, we stood up against fascism before concentration camps start appearing in other parts of India and the world is again to plunge into darkness,” the memorandum highlights.

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More so, the memorandum also highlighted the basic UN rights being broken by the Indian military.

 “Over a hundred thousand people have already been killed in Kashmir. Under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), the Indian armed forces can kill, rape and torture with immunity from prosecution, and since promotions and bonuses are linked to the number of people killed, and innocent people are killed in fake encounters to gain promotions. These troops will soon be deployed into other parts of India with equally disastrous consequences,” the memorandum says.

The memorandum reminded UK that Kashmir dispute is an international issue and the international community of which the UK is also a part should do something.

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