Pakistan Acquires The Facility Of Drone Sprays For Disinfecting COVID-19

Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Science and Technology has acquired the facility of drone sprays which can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This innovation was presented by the National University of Science and Technology.

NUST also presented the Federal Minister of Science and Technolgy with the newly developed testing kits and ventilators.

Fawad Chaudhry has also revealed that he has received 48 ventilator designs and two of them have already been sent to the Drug Regulation Authority of Pakistan.

“The clinical trial of testing kits developed at NUST will start from Monday (today),” he informed.

“The coronavirus testing kits will be available within two to three days and we will be able to manufacture 150,000 kits within the next few weeks,” he added.

While talking about the treatment of the virus, he said that no cure has been found so far. It is better to stick to the precautionary treatments.

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“Ninety percent of the hospitals have been provided with all necessary equipment,” he claimed.


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