Pakistan Asked Gavi For Free Covid-19 Vaccine

Pakistan Asked Gavi For Free Covid-19 Vaccine

Government of Pakistan on Thursday has written a letter to the Vaccine Alliance, Gavi, to request a provision free Covid-19 vaccine and concession on price.

According to trusted sources from the health ministry, Pakistan requested for free Covid-19 vaccine for 20% of the population from Gavi.

Other than this, the sources informed that the Gavi have been requested for concession on rates of vaccine for another 20% population of Pakistan.

Gavi is a vaccine alliance which is there to help COVAX countries in buying vaccine and communicating with coronavirus vaccine manufacturing companies to fix a price for its members.

As per the sources, Pakistan is likely to receive vaccine in March next year.

The COVAX is a global platform with 189 countries as its members. Vaccine makers are also the member of this alliance. Pakistan is also a member of vaccine alliance.

The COVAX member countries are supposed to receive free of cost Covid-19 vaccine for 20 percent of its population.

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Pakistan has submitted its operation program for vaccine to Gavi, vaccine alliance already and as per the sources, it has lauded Pakistan’s plan.